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I craft memorable and exciting experiences that foster human connections.

My name is Carista Eliani and I’m a product designer with a background in graphic design and illustration. I recently graduated from the Masters of Human Computer Interaction and Design at the University of Washington.
Prior to the program, I worked at a fast-paced agency where clients ranged from venture capitals and wine companies all the way to food delivery apps and tech startups.
I excel at facilitating team decision-making and fostering transparent communication of individual viewpoints. I understand the design process and have experience designing end-to-end products from initial concept development to shipping. I am skilled with my hands and also love to produce art in the form of drawings and custom paintings.
Feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn!

My approach to design...

Critically analyze the problem
I don’t just follow along with what I’m told to do; I delve deeper, considering potential risks and underlying issues of the subject.
Talk to people
If this is an accessible route, I talk to the people who have experience with the service, product, or problem space I’m working with.
Start making and be open to changes
Design is ever-changing and iterative. I’m not afraid to just start making something and putting it in front of other people to get feedback.
High polish and an enjoyable experience
My work is complete when it is in high polish, pleasing to the eye and easy to use. It's an added bonus if it also leaves a lasting impression.

Outside of design, I like to...

Playing piano at church
Have picnics with friends (:
Spend time with church small group

I also like to make art!

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